Welcome to TreeSong Australian Shepherds! We are a small show and companion kennel located in Southwest Michigan near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan tucked into a lush oak forest on land which was settled by our great grandparents over a hundred years ago. This beautiful paradise has provided an ideal setting for our family and dogs to thrive with lots of room for walks, romping, and bicycling on the trails surrounding our home.
We have over an acre of fenced shaded play yard for our dogs to romp and play.
Deer frequent the paths surrounding us.
The amazing Australian Shepherd has captured our hearts and filled our lives with fun and joy. We have been involved in purebred dogs for over 10 years showing in the conformation, obedience, rally and agility rings. We have several champions and strongly believe in genetic testing and clearances on our dogs: OFA hips and elbows, CERF eyes, and any other clearances we feel may be needed to assure excellence in future generations.  All our Australian Shepherds are AKC, ASCA, and UKC registered and have all necessary health clearances before they are considered as a part of any breeding program.
We have owned, competed, and trained purebred dogs on a serious level since 2003 and I have trained dogs since 1968 beginning with a cantankerous German Shepherd “Lady” as a 4H dog. I have also  trained and fostered eight dogs in the last ten years for Leader Dogs for the Blind and Paws With a Cause. Our dogs actively participate as Therapy Dogs visiting the elderly and disabled.
Our kennel name comes from the wonderful symphony of song that radiates from the forest around our home throughout the year. Colorful cardinals and orioles, playful chickadees, acrobatic nuthatches, many varieties of woodpeckers and numerous kinds of birds nest and live in the trees. At night the songs shift to the creatures of the night - crickets, tree frogs, peepers and night birds such as the owl and evening warblers. Surrounded by such vast visual and sensory beauty, the name is a perfect fit.
We purposely keep our kennel size small that each of our dogs receives lots of personal attention, care and training on a daily basis. We actively compete with our dogs in multiple AKC, ASCA, and UKC venues including conformation, obedience, rally and agility.
We only occasionally breed a litter here at TreeSong, and the breedings are carefully planned after extensively researching pedigrees and multiple generations of prospective dogs. All of our puppies are born and raised in our home where they are a part of the family being exposed to a wide variety of people, sounds, and experiences as they develop and grow. Our next planned litter will be in late summer of 2015 and a wait list has begun for what promises to be an incredible match.
You can be assured that a puppy/dog from us will be bred for proper breed temperament, quality, type, soundness, proper structure, and correct coat. We do NOT breed just to have puppies, rather, our goal is to enhance the breed, and produce the next show quality dog. This means that a puppy from us will be of show quality breeding but for one reason or another placed as a companion/pet. We have very high standards for our potential show or breeding dog and some puppies will have just one fault that will keep them from being a potential dog that is kept here at TreeSong. This doesn't mean that they are not good examples of the breed, as we strive to keep the very best from each litter we breed to continue the legacy and enhance the breed as a whole, otherwise what is the point of breeding? Most of the issues for us as breeders have nothing to do with the function as a beloved family pet. We have to be very picky about what we keep, as well as, why we are breeding a litter. Knowing that you are getting a puppy that was bred from the best of the best in hopes of another great puppy gives you the peace of mind that we are doing everything we can for you, and also for the Australian Shepherd breed as a whole.
To enable us to keep track of our dog's bloodlines in pedigrees and for registry record keeping purposes, our kennel name is "TreeSong Australian Shepherds." This IS NOT a DBA or "Doing Business As" name. We are strictly a breeder for the betterment of the breed - not a company, business, or commercial pet enterprise. We own and compete with purebred, registered Australian Shepherds as a hobby only for love of the breed.
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During the competition seasons, we are best reached via email because of our busy schedules. If you call us and we are unable to answer, please leave a short message.

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Questions about up coming litters or being placed on our waiting list should be directed to:

Email  treesongaussies@hotmail.com
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