We have made the decision that in 2022 we will devote time to training and competition with our wonderful dogs. 

We do not have any puppies or adults available at this time.

Enjoy photos of past litters below!

Here at TreeSong we breed no more than one litter per year. We believe that it is extremely important to give all our dogs and especially new puppies individual attention, training, and socialization to prepare them to be well-adjusted adults. 

Occasionally, we may have an older puppy, adult, or retired show dog available to the right forever home. These dogs all have been obedience trained and are outstanding companions.
Preference is always given to companion, performance, or junior homes.

All of our dogs are sold with a health guarantee and lifetime support from us. All puppies have been given their first vaccinations, a current CERF eye exam, and a veterinary certificate of good health. We will always be available for any questions you have about your puppy, or any help needed.

Here at TreeSong we are firm believers in pursuing excellence with all of our dogs. Breeding is a very important part of this goal. All of our dogs considered for breeding undergo rigorous testing for structural and genetic defects. Our goal is to improve the Australian Shepherd breed through our breeding program. 

The Aussie is an incredible dog and only through careful breeding can we ensure that it stays that way through future generations. Please see our information page for more about our kennel, the Aussie, and how we breed and place our dogs.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions at

Email us as treesongaussies@hotmail.com

Enjoy the pictures of our most recent litter!

They are in no particular order.....

Enjoy some photos of the life of our puppies!
playing with Aunt Zara
Bedtime with MaMa! At least some of us a tired..........

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