Moulder Memories!

This page is dedicated to a very special dog that came into our lives in 2003. He is the heart and foundation of our kennel. We were inexperienced dog lovers who wanted to venture into the world of beautiful pure bred dogs. We didn't know what we were doing at the beginning and would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who helped, supported, and took care of us along the way. There are so many and you know who you are.....Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for all your kindnesses to us! There are a few special people who went far above and beyond in their help. Thank you first of all to Heather Herron for trusting us with this magnificent dog and all the time you spent teaching us about dogs, pedigrees and breeding. Your knowledge and willingness to share and guide novices cannot be thanked enough. Thank you also to Erin Swain for all the time you spent teaching us about conformation and teaching/helping us learn about grooming and handling. Thank you Jeff and Dawn Jacobsen for your unwavering kindness through the ups and downs of this sometimes challenging world of showing dogs and all the help with grooming in the beginning. Thank you to Ellen Brandenburg and Amy Garrison for your tremendous kindness and help along the way. Thank you to Tammy and Cherish DeWitt for all the time and love you have poured into us and our dogs over the years.

I went through nearly 15,000 photographs of Moulder over the last 12 years and found some special memories that we would like to share. This is not only a story about a wonderful dog, but also the special story of a dog and his girl and the special bond they share. We hope you enjoy this walk through memory lane!
Special bond of love and trust
First dog show 2004 - UKC National Dog Show..... aiming high for first show!!
Why do just one at a time??
International Traveler - First Trip to Canada. Goodwill ambassador at Niagara Falls.
Nationals at Purina Farms
Nationals in Wisconsin
Nationals in Louisiana
Number 2 All Breed International Invitational 2007 - Black Tie competition!
Such grace and beauty!
Incredible moment!!
Getting some expert help!
This is about a third of the winnings!!
Best of Breed Veteran - August 2012
Best Veteran in Specialty Sweepstakes - USASA National Specialty 2013
Thank you, handler, Maria Neff, for you beautiful presentation!
Not too bad for nearly 10 years old! April 2013 USASA Nationals
Qualifying Rally Run with a score of 96/100
High Four, Mom!! I did good!!!!

The next year........

Best 10 years + Veteran in Specialty Sweepstakes - USASA National Specialty 2014! At nearly 11 years old!!!
Thank you Handler, Alaina Holstege, for you wonderful presentation!
First Place 10+ Veteran Dog - USASA National Specialty
Moulder with his son, Hayl, grandson, Beau, and daughter, Zara!
Brains and Beauty.....

Earning his Rally Advanced Title with second and third placements!
Just two months later his show career came around full circle
to where it had begun 10 years earlier.........

At the 2014 UKC Premier National Dog Show

He won the Australian Shepherd Grand Champion Class!
Moulder earned his Rally Obedience 1 Title
Qualifying him for his third Total Dog Award
Moulder then went on to Win the Total Dog Herding Group
 and was seriously considered for Total Dog Best in Show!
It has been an incredible 11 years
 with this one in a million dog!!

Thanks for the memories, Moulder!
Still an incredible bond 11 years and growing!
Looking toward the future with the next generation
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